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An air conditioning issue that can’t wait to be looked at in normal business hours is considered an emergency. Citywide HVAC Services emergency call-out service operates 24/7, which means you can rely on us anytime night or day.
If, for example, you have an AC unit that has stopped working in 100 degrees Fahrenheit – our priority is your safety and comfort – call us immediately for quick and efficient service.
If the very young or elderly are at risk (or anyone else for that matter), you must let us know when you make the call so that your emergency is prioritized to the top of the list.
Excessively overweight people find it hard to maintain a cool state in excessively hot weather as well – in any situation where a person’s life is at risk, please call your closest hospital, or 911, before you do anything else.

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What is the difference in pricing with an emergency call-out service?

In an emergency sometimes rapid decisions need to be made in collaboration with the homeowner – such as whether to wait for a part to be ordered in, or to replace an AC unit immediately due to the extreme circumstances.
HVAC service providers charge additional fees for emergency call outs – the availability of our on-call technicians, and any prioritized service will incur higher fees than an ordinary booking.
In the height of summer when more emergency call-outs are made, it is tempting to ring for the fastest or cheapest repair technician possible – a word of caution – there is a possibility that less experienced service repair people are capitalizing on the market in the extreme temperatures of summer. Do your homework and make sure you are hiring a qualified and reputable professional under all circumstances.

How can I avoid an emergency situation?

One option you have is to establish an ongoing partnership with your local air conditioning company – here at Citywide HVAC Services we offer our valued clients an AC Maintenance Agreement which consists of a detailed scheduled maintenance program.
Our clients find that with this program in place, the likelihood of emergency repair services are greatly reduced, as any problem that is detected is dealt with immediately to prevent greater issues occurring at a later date – ie. in the peak of summer.
In this way you can avoid expensive emergency call-out fees altogether, but in the unlikely event you do have a major problem that requires immediate attention, you will have VIP treatment because of your membership.

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