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If you are a home owner in Tampa, it is vital that you have a reliable contractor for all of your AC system requirements – from buying and installing to ongoing maintenance and repairwork carried out – an air conditioner is a long term investment, much like a car, and regular services and maintenance of the appliance will aid in its long term best possible performance.
It is good to do some research to find the best company for your purposes – ask family and friends of the experiences they’ve had; look up reviews of companies and ask for referrals to help you with your decision. When you’ve selected a few reputable businesses, give them a call and learn some basic information about them.

Locating Tampa HVAC Contractors:

4 air con units outside a houseSome HVAC companys offer regular scheduled maintenance – either by way of just booking you in regularly – in autumn and spring, or by offering you a maintenance agreement plan – whereby all of your appointments are recorded in detail, specifying all the work that has been carried out. Ask for prices up front, so you can compare when you’re in the deciding stage – there may be extreme differences in fees, so this is worthwhile investigating. When you feel you’ve found the most appropriate company for your specific requirements, take the next step of arranging a preliminary visit. Have on hand the owner’s manual for your AC unit, and ask for a detailed report of how they find the system upon first inspection. If you’re satisfied with their report, and recommendations in going forward, consider booking this company for your future repairs.
Keep your own record of what has been done if your serviceman doesn’t provide you with one – it is preferable that they are documenting every inspection, and you can request for this to be done. If they won’t do this, you may want to consider working with a different company that will.

Tampa HVAC Maintenance Services:

Regular maintenance should be carried out twice a year – in autumn, and just before the summer season begins. Your HVAC contractor will do a thorough inspection of the inside and outside units, and ensure all components are in top condition for your maximum cooling requirements.
In addition to the work the technician carries out, you can do regular check ups and maintenance on your AC unit as well – keeping it free from dust and dirt, debris and vegetation, checking the air flow isn’t hindered, and that fans are working properly, that it isn’t freezing over etc. In doing these things yourself you can save in technician’s fees, and also keep your electricity bill lower.
Routine DIY jobs, and regular maintenance by a qualified HVAC specialist are both important factors in extending the life of your appliance.

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