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Although it’s not an overly common occurrence, there is still the possibility your AC unit could suffer from refrigerant leakage – the main symptom of this that your unit will freeze over and your house will no longer cool as efficiently and effectively as it should. A trained technician should fix any leaks, test that they’ve repaired the leak, and charge the system with the required amount of refrigerant – your owners manual will have the stats on the required amount for your model and make.
It is important to get this issue resolved quickly, as refrigerant can be harmful to the environment. Let us fix your air conditioning system.

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What happens when your refrigerant leaks:

Considering the fact that your AC unit doesn’t actually use or consume refrigerant, it should never need to be filled up; the only reason it will need to be charged is if it is leaking. When your refrigerant is low it causes the evaporator coils to freeze over, because their temperature drops below the dew point. You may also notice ice forming on the copper refrigeration lines that run to the condenser unit located outside.
If you see this happening, shut off your AC unit immediately and call your HVAC technician.
There are a few reasons why your AC system may be leaking refrigerant – weakened and damaged copper pipes; incorrect installation of the appliance; formic acid causing microscopic pinholes in the tubing (formacary corrosion) that will then cause leakage after approximately 5 yearswhatever the cause, this situation must be addressed immediately.

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How your technician can stop the leak:

If your AC unit is still under warranty, you may be able to replace the entire system, if this problem occurs within the period of guarantee.
Your service technician will use a digital refrigerant leakage detector to ascertain if there is a leak. If it is a major leak, it will often cause substantial damage, and you may be advised to replace the unit.
With standard leaks, the situation is typically fixed by soldering damaged copper pipes, and weakened joints, and replacing corroded components.
A professional technician will always retest the unit after he has done the repair work to ensure the issue has been completely resolved.

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