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lady cleaning ac filter

The continual scent of smoke – particularly from cigarettes – could be an inconvenience that becomes an actual issue, causing allergies and frustration. When the odor of smoke is emanating from an air-conditioning (AC) unit, the smell can be very distasteful. Removing the odor is a bit of a task, but it can be done thanks to the components of the AC unit that allow easy accessibility to clean.

This short article gives you the best remedy for removing cigarette odor from your AC unit.

You will require a cleaning cloth, towel, small brush, and vinegar.

  • Unplug your AC unit.
  • Remove the air filter – this will slide out from the front or side of your unit.
  • Soak the air filter in hot soapy water, then wipe it clean with the cloth.
  • Ensure the air filter is completely dry before re-installation.
  • N/B: If necessary you may need to replace the air filter.
  • Mix a spray container with a fifty-fifty mix of water and white vinegar.
  • Vacuum the dust off the coils located behind the air filter; additionally, vacuum the coils at the back of the AC unit outside of your house.
  • Spray the coils with water/vinegar solution, and use the brush to scrub them clean.
  • Rinse well with water and dry thoroughly.
  • Slide the air filter back into position.
  • Clean the outside of the unit with spray solution, and dry.
  • Your HVAC should now be smoke-free. For more heavy duty odors this process may need to be repeated as necessary.

Your AC unit may have ultraviolet (UV) light air filtration, which aids to eliminate chemical smells, air contaminants, and smoke.
These UV lights are located in the air ducts, where these problems tend to start.

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