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professional servicing airconditioning unit

Throughout the peak of summer, your AC needs regular maintenance for excellent performance and to avoid any ongoing system issues.

It is recommended at the beginning of summer to have your HVAC professionally inspected and serviced.
This service entails – cleaning the condenser, the evaporator coils, the air filter and the fan; a routine check of the cooling agent and the electrical circuit; lubrication of components.
A professional service for summer will guarantee the highest performance of your HVAC, and will also ensure your warranty remains valid.

Inspect the Air Filter Often

Check your air filter monthly throughout summer, and replace when necessary. The air filter prevents harmful airborne bacteria; it also allows for the best quality airflow when clean. A clogged air filter can cause dust and dirt accumulation on the evaporator coil located behind – which in turn lowers the systems capacity to cool – and can potentially cause damage to the system.

Maintain the Condenser Coil (outside the unit)

Poor air flow around the condenser coil can cause the motor to overheat and malfunction. Regular removal of any debris, branches, leaves or other objects that obstruct air movement is necessary – clean the condenser coil thoroughly and wipe down the unit to keep it in good condition.

Maintain the Evaporator Coil Annually

Once a year use a small brush and vacuum, and remove dirt, hair and foreign particles from the evaporator coil, to avoid cooling issues and system damage, and to boost your HVAC’s overall performance.

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