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Sweltering Tampa, Florida heat in the peak of summer can become stifling, oppressive and extremely debilitating, promoting your air conditioned home into a blissful oasis in comparison. To safeguard this luxury take these 4 precautions to ensure your AC unit is fit for the war about to be waged against it in the hot season.

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1. Replace filter and clean debris:

To enable the greatest cooling capacity, and to allow your AC system to provide a steady supply of cool air to your home, pre-summer is the crucial time to give your entire system a thorough clean; remove the outer casing and check for dirt and dust buildup. Air filters may need hosing down or replacing; the evaporator coil needs to be free of any residue, and the whole unit needs to be wiped over.

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2. Clean condenser coils:

Your condenser coils are located in the outside condenser unit. Their purpose is to release the heat that has been absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator coils – if the condenser coils are dirty or clogged, or if the fins are damaged in any way, air flow will be compromised, thus interfering with the heat exchange.
If your condenser coils are clogged, damaged or bent, your best option is to call your qualified technician to straighten and fix these for you.
All power must be shut off to the condenser prior to taking off the outer casing and hosing and cleaning it down with water.

3. Check coolant:

Refrigerant plays a very important part in the cooling of your AC system – without it there is no transformation of warm air into gas, and then liquid again. Sometimes insufficient installation can lead to a refrigerant leak down the track; formicary acid can also eat tiny pin sized holes into the copper pipes; or due to age, the pipes can eventually become damaged. In all cases this will lead to cooling issues. Often an indication that your refrigerant is leaking, is an ice build up on the evaporator coils and the outside condenser.
A refrigerant leak is not a DIY fix – call Citywide HVAC Services if you suspect this has happened to your system.

4. The bottom line:

Don’t risk your home and air conditioning system being ill-prepared for the hot summer months in Tampa, Florida. Nothing feels worse than coming inside to a lukewarm environment that feels barely cooler than the sweltering outdoors – so do yourself a favor and contact Citywide HVAC Services today for professional air conditioning repair and maintenance for your unit.

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