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It’s a service call that we receive from time to time – a homeowner is concerned that their AC unit is dripping water. Whilst this appears to be the case, AC units don’t actually contain water, and water around the unit isn’t an exact indication that the system itself is leaking water.  This doesn’t mean you’re imagining things – however – it may not be specifically a system leakage as much as a cooling agent leak.
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Where Is This Water Coming From?

One typical reason for water leaking from your AC unit is the above-mentioned cooling agent (refrigerant) issue. You aren’t actually seeing refrigerant, you’re seeing the end result of the process: your AC has evaporator coils, which cool the surrounding air with the aid of the refrigerant. The warm air outside the coils converts the refrigerant gas back into a liquid, which is then carried outside with the help of a second set of coils called condenser coils.
Three reasons you may see the moisture from these coils leaking into your house are:

  • The overflow drain pan in your AC unit is has a crack or hole in it
  • The air filter may be clogged

The condensate line is blocked or clogged – causing condensation to back up and flood the overflow pan.

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