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man working on wires in air conditionerWith Tampa temperatures soaring into the 90s, its residents place a high demand on their air conditioners, for good reason – the heat and the moisture make HVAC’s a necessity when it comes to comfort and well being.
Due to the increased usage, AC system maintenance in Tampa can be a larger issue also, but difficult situations can be avoided.

Keep Your System Clean:

  • A blocked condensate drainpipe can cause water to backup into your house, causing damage; every 2 months pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the condensate drainpipe located outside near the condenser – you’ll recognize it as the pipe the water is constantly dripping out of. The vinegar will break down the algae build up that creates clogging. Once or twice a year use a wet vac to suction the sludge that accumulates, out of the drainpipe.

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  • Cleaning the outside condenser is also a vital part of HVAC maintenance in Tampa.
    Ensure the area around the condenser is completely free of any surrounding vegetation or debris.
    Check inside the unit for any lodged branches or leaves, and remove these manually. If you need to remove the outer casing, switch off the power before doing so to avoid any injuries.
    Use a vacuum to suction out pipes, and gently hose and clean down your machine, being careful not to damage the fragile fins in the condenser unit.
  • An accumulation of dust and other particles in your air filter will disrupt even air flow, place pressure on the motor, and minimize your system’s performance. Inspect your air filter on a monthly basis, and clean or replace this as necessary. Consider upgrading to higher efficiency pleated filters to enhance your internal air quality, and enable your system to work more efficiently and last longer.

A Few Extra Steps:

  • Relieving the demand placed on your AC unit will likewise assist it to perform better. Check for any cracks around your windows and doors that allow in the warm moist air from outside, and seal these with weatherstripping or caulking and this will benefit your home in summer and winter, as well as boost AC performance.
  • Prior to the summer season arrange for a qualified technician to do a thorough service, entailing: cleaning the evaporator coil, checking electrical circuits and switches, examining the refrigerant for leakage, inspection of the condenser and various other jobs that will give your AC unit an optimal boost in its performance.

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