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If your AC unit is stopping and starting frequently, inconsistent with air flow temperatures, or ineffective in controlling humidity, it may be due to its age or its size.
Initially, AC systems were often large, to guarantee their effectiveness in the hottest of conditions, however other factors weren’t taken into consideration that triggered short cycling and recurring issues. Nowadays we install units based upon each individual house condition, to ensure much greater efficiency and reduced electricity costs.

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With progressive research and development, upgraded versions of AC units are significantly more functional compared to those made even 8-10 years earlier, ie. an SEER16 model today will conserve about 38% more energy than an SEER10 design did 10 years ago, saving hundreds of dollars annually.

If you’re unsure whether your AC system is due for replacement, don’t wait until the
height of summer before addressing this concern. The benefits of having a new model installed by our qualified HVAC specialists will be immediately apparent.

Some indications that your system is outdated and/or no longer efficient are:

  • A noisy AC unit – inside or outside your house. New units are extremely quiet compared to the older models
  • Constant maintenance issues with your AC unit, requiring valuable time and money
  • Effective controlling of humidity – your system needs to be correctly sized for the room it is cooling.

Your Citywide HVAC professional will calculate the appropriately sized system that your house requires for its optimal performance.
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