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an outside condenser unit

If technical issues begin with your AC unit, the question always arises – how much DIY can you attempt, and when should you call your ac repair technician?
The reality is, that with today’s systems – apart from general and basic maintenance – the innovation and development of HVAC appliances calls for qualified servicemen to carry out repairs; this is for the homeowner’s safety, and to ensure the warranty remains intact.

However, a couple of basic checks will at the very least help you deal with self-disclosing problems, and shortlist reasons for why issues are occurring.

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Troubleshooting tips regarding cooling: before you call a professional:

  • If your system is running yet there seems to be inadequate cooling in the house, this could be because of a blocked air filter.
    You can access the filter by removing a panel on either the front or side of your AC unit inside the house. Your air filter should be checked monthly – and if dirty, cleaned or replaced. You may consider upgrading your air filter to a better quality, for the overall greater performance of your unit.
  • Check the condenser unit outside the house – ensure there is no vegetation or debris close to the unit, and sweep away dirt, leaves etc.
    Inspect inside the condenser for any fallen branches that may be blocking the fan – a thorough check that nothing is blocking the air vents or fan should be enough to assure the condenser is in good working order.
    Should the fan not be rotating smoothly, or at all, call your technician to have this issue resolved.
  • If your AC unit doesn’t start at all, firstly examine the thermostat – check that it is set to ‘Auto’, and the desired temperature setting. Ensure the thermostat is in an appropriate location, where air flow is activating the sensor.
    Test that the temperature levels also increase to at least 5 degrees warmer or cooler. If your unit turns on manually, this is an indication your thermostat is faulty. If these are all working accurately, look at your power box to check no breakers have switched off. This will help ascertain whether it is an electrical problem. Reset any breakers, call your HVAC professional and explain the situation to them.
  • If you observe water dripping inside from your AC unit, locate the condensate drip pan at the base of the unit. If this is filling up it could be an indication that the condensate drain pipe is backing up from outside. Suction the pipe with a wet vac, or pour 1/2 cup vinegar down the pipe to break up algae.
    Another reason your AC may be leaking water is leaking refrigerant, or dirty evaporator coils – in both circumstances a qualified technician will resolve the issue.
  • Icy buildup – your unit will not cool effectively if it has a build up of ice on it – switch it off, and defrost the unit thoroughly before turning on again.

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