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Freon, which is a cooling agent, or refrigerant, is utilized in AC systems; this is the primary agent that converts the warm air (liquid) into a gas. Checking freon level is a key part of our ac repair service in the Tampa area.

Fans move warm interior air over cold refrigerant- filled coils and a process called phase conversion occurs – the method of forcing chemical compounds to evaporate and condense over and over again, in a closed system of coils. Evaporator coils contain the refrigerant inside them, and as warm air flows over the coils, the heat is absorbed and changes into a gaseous state. The gas is then converted back into a liquid and removed from the AC unit through condenser coils, and a second fan. This procedure continues until the thermostat reaches the intended temperature level.

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In addition to cooling your home, AC units also screen out dirt, smoke, toxic substances, plant pollens and microorganisms – the varying degrees of filtering are based on the type of air filter your unit has installed. Should you have any issues with the cooling of your home environment, our licensed HVAC technicians are here to help – leaking refrigerant can lead to ice build up on your AC unit, as insufficient amounts of cooling agent can expand too much in the evaporator coil, causing extremely low temperatures; so be sure to have your system checked regularly to avoid any such issues. Freon issues are common with air conditioning. Consult our professional ac repair service to fix any issues today.

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