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Whether you’re building a brand new residence or you have a need to change your aging HVAC system in your existing home, the ideal AC system will give you reliable air conditioning, air filtering and dehumidification to develop the interior climate you desire. However, there are a few factors to consider when choosing a system for your home.
The size and capacity play an important part in determining the greatest efficiency of your AC unit for your house.
A unit that is too large or small will lead to uneven temperature flow and moisture issues that may cause inconvenience, and affect some peoples’ health. The demand placed on the AC unit will elevate electricity costs, and also reduce the longevity of the system.
For these above reasons, it’s important that you discuss the purchase of a new AC unit with a qualified consultant – Citywide HVAC Services can guarantee your selection will be the perfect size and fit for your home.

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The Size and Structure of Your Home:

One of the most important aspects to determine the right AC system for your home is the size of the area you want to heat.
Depending on the square footage the amount of time it takes to withdraw the warm air from your home varies. How well your house is insulated and the materials your home is built from will determine the amount of hot air that enters your house from the sun and the outside temperatures, thus also impacting the type of unit you’ll need – most likely with good insulation and well-sealed windows and doors, a smaller AC unit will suffice.

A house with a lot of windows and doors will likely need a unit with a greater capacity to cool.
The range of sizes and performance levels are varied- from 1 ton to 5 ton systems, as well as smaller sized ones.
As you can see – installing the correct AC unit for your home requires knowledge and expertise – our qualified technicians will ensure that the selected air conditioning unit will provide you with the most effective and affordable return on your investment.

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