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an air conditioning unit

As the summer period comes upon us, the temperatures just keep rising – being indoors in a cool environment out of the scorching sun is every persons desire.
Here are some tips to boost your AC units effectiveness and to reduce power – saving you cash, reducing your carbon footprint and protecting against any long term issues.

Yearly maintenance:

If you haven’t already arranged for a yearly check up of your AC system, today is the day to do so. Maintenance by a certified expert will consist of examining the unit to remove dirt and dust; inspecting all operational components; tightening and lubricating of parts; replacing air filters and cooling agent if necessary, etc.

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Do It Yourself Maintenance:

While a yearly maintenance, and/or regular scheduled services will certainly boost your AC units performance, there are a couple of month-to-month jobs you can also to do to preserve it throughout the summer season.

  • Check the air filter for dust and dirt build-up, and either vacuum and wash out your filter, or replace it when necessary, to avoid putting undue pressure on the fan – which decreases your systems overall performance.
  • Ensure the outside units casing isn’t blocked with vegetation, dirt and debris, keep the area 2 feet around your unit free from any plant-life, and wash down the unit when necessary.
  • Make sure the area in your house that you’re cooling is sealed off properly, to avoid over-exertion of your unit; seal windows and doors.
  • Use a ceiling fan to enhance your AC units efficiency, this may enable you to reduce the temperature as the fan distributes the air flow more evenly.

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