Removing Cigarette Odor From Home AC Unit

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The continual scent of smoke - particularly from cigarettes - could be an inconvenience that becomes an actual issue, causing allergies and frustration. When the odor of smoke is emanating from an air-conditioning (AC) unit, the smell can be very distasteful. Removing the odor is a bit of a task, but it can be done thanks to the components of the AC unit that allow easy accessibility to clean. This short article gives you the best remedy for removing cigarette odor from your AC Continue Reading ...

Regular AC Maintenance Gives You Peace of Mind Over Summer

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Throughout the peak of summer, your AC needs regular maintenance for excellent performance and to avoid any ongoing system issues. It is recommended at the beginning of summer to have your HVAC professionally inspected and serviced. This service entails - cleaning the condenser, the evaporator coils, the air filter and the fan; a routine check of the cooling agent and the electrical circuit; lubrication of components. A professional service for summer will guarantee the highest Continue Reading ...

AC Maintenance Before Summer Arrives

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The Tampa summer season will be upon us quickly, with heat rising to the 80s and 90s. To guarantee your AC unit keeps you cool this summer, book in a professional service before the hot weather strikes. A routine HVAC maintenance schedule ensures the greatest delivery of cool air into your home. For top rated local electrical repair in Tampa, call (813)296 5462 today! Advantages of a Preventative Maintenance Plan Ensure your AC unit is operating at peak performance day in, day out, Continue Reading ...

AC System Preventative Maintenance: Spring is the Time

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Springtime is the perfect season for a regular professional maintenance service; avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown in the height of summer and the non-availability of qualified maintenance staff - who have a high call-out rate at this crucial time when the family's need for quality cooling is at its greatest. Take advantage of this cooler season and call your friendly professional HVAC service provider. For emergency and affordable thermostat replacement in Tampa, give us a call Continue Reading ...

Available AC Air Filter Options

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research finds that interior air could be 100x more contaminated than outside air, calling for a need to detoxify our homes. To improve the interior air quality, we need to ensure our AC unit air filters are clean, and to replace them when necessary. Clogged and dirty air filters cause your AC unit to age faster by making it work harder to accomplish the same degree of efficiency. When installing or replacing the air filter consider the type and Continue Reading ...

My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water!

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It's a service call that we receive from time to time - a homeowner is concerned that their AC unit is dripping water. Whilst this appears to be the case, AC units don't actually contain water, and water around the unit isn't an exact indication that the system itself is leaking water.  This doesn't mean you're imagining things - however - it may not be specifically a system leakage as much as a cooling agent leak. For more information why your AC unit may be dripping, read below. Continue Reading ...

Is Your Air Conditioner Shutting Down Prematurely?

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Your AC unit shutting down prematurely (short cycling) could be for a number of reasons - let's explore in-depth what could be causing short cycling in your AC unit. As your system has a very high voltage, please do not attempt to fix any complex issues by yourself - an experienced ac repair man will ensure your safety and your AC units optimal performance at a very reasonable cost. Don't wait until the hot summer season is upon you, and jeopardize your comfort and well-being - have your Continue Reading ...

Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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If your AC unit is stopping and starting frequently, inconsistent with air flow temperatures, or ineffective in controlling humidity, it may be due to its age or its size. Initially, AC systems were often large, to guarantee their effectiveness in the hottest of conditions, however other factors weren't taken into consideration that triggered short cycling and recurring issues. Nowadays we install units based upon each individual house condition, to ensure much greater efficiency and reduced Continue Reading ...

An AC Maintenance Agreement – A Worthwhile Investment

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When you purchase a new AC system, it is highly recommended that you establish a routine maintenance program to guarantee the efficiency and longevity of your unit. Like all appliances AC systems have a life expectancy - usually of approximately 15 years, however, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has disclosed that many systems don't even last past 6 years, due to neglect and/or unskilled maintenance. The short-term savings gained from cheap labour - or not servicing your AC Continue Reading ...

Boost Air Conditioning Efficiency in Your Tampa Home With These Tips

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As the summer period comes upon us, the temperatures just keep rising - being indoors in a cool environment out of the scorching sun is every persons desire. Here are some tips to boost your AC units effectiveness and to reduce power - saving you cash, reducing your carbon footprint and protecting against any long term issues. Yearly maintenance: If you haven't already arranged for a yearly check up of your AC system, today is the day to do so. Maintenance by a certified expert will Continue Reading ...