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When you purchase a new AC system, it is highly recommended that you establish a routine maintenance program to guarantee the efficiency and longevity of your unit.
Like all appliances AC systems have a life expectancy – usually of approximately 15 years, however, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has disclosed that many systems don’t even last past 6 years, due to neglect and/or unskilled maintenance.

The short-term savings gained from cheap labour – or not servicing your AC unit will most probably lead to a higher expense down the track; this is why it is important that you can trust quality work is carried out – our qualified technicians can guarantee their workmanship.
As with all investments, your air conditioner is an expensive item – and you will appreciate the great value it returns you with regular attention – the cooling and comfort of your home, and elimination of dirt, dust and microorganisms that cause allergies and disease.

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AC Maintenance Agreement

An AC Maintenance Service Agreement is a legal document, binding to both parties fulfilling their side of the agreement.
Your HVAC professional will be responsible for servicing your AC unit as scheduled; and your duty will be to provide ease of access to the system, along with any information required for the upkeep of the AC unit.

Is It Worth The Investment?

This is a question many people ask – especially those people who haven’t utilised an AC Maintenance Agreement in the past.
Some household owners feel it is just a plan to outsmart them of their hard-earned money; others feel it is too excessive and will not return the benefits to justify the cost.
However, below are some of the advantages you will gain from participating in an AC Maintenance Agreement with a reputable HVAC service provider:

Longer System Lifespan and Improved System Performance:

An AC Maintenance Agreement offers you peace of mind that the life of your AC unit will be extended to its maximum capacity – each service will entail inspection of the whole unit; thus resolving any problems quickly to avoid issues at a later date.
Heatpump, heaters, filters, condensates, evaporator coils and other parts are examined on a routine basis; cooling agent (refrigerant) and filters, etc. cleaned and replaced when necessary, enhancing your AC units efficiency, and saving you on energy consumption.

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VIP Treatment and Discounts:

When you enter into an AC Maintenance Agreement, you obtain certain benefits as a VIP member; discounts on your scheduled payments will guarantee we keep you as a long-term valued customer.
Complimentary air filter replacements; HVAC audits, and any brand discounts and other rewards will be passed on to you.
If your AC unit has unexpected problems, you will have specialized priority above any other standard call-out jobs, with prompt and reliable service.

Documentation of Maintenance:

Every service of your AC Maintenance Agreement will be documented fully; listing the date, and the inspection carried out, and any servicing done on your unit.
This is of utmost importance when validating your warranty; if you need to have compensation for your system due to failure, the documentation and proof of regularly scheduled maintenance will validate the warranty, and cover the expenses of this inconvenience.
Citywide HVAC Services keep records of every service for such an instance as this.

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