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a condenser

Air conditioning systems are very trustworthy and reliable when they’re set up properly – however, as with all white goods, issues still may have a tendency to arise.
There are certain jobs that you can do yourself – some are straightforward, others may require a phone call just to be assured you’re on the right track. Please don’t hesitate to call Citywide HVAC Services if you feel you just need some guidance with a DIY job that is slightly more complex, such as some of the tasks listed below. It is always important to remember that safety comes first – never attempt a task at the risk of your well-being.

The system is running but not cooling down:

  • If the thermostat is functioning, check the condenser outside – there could be a problem with the condenser coils. Clear away any vegetation, debris or objects that are blocking air flow around the unit.
    Check the condenser coils for any fallen leaves, or branches etc, and lightly hose the coils – being careful not to harm the fragile air conditioning fins in the condenser.
    Wash your condenser down at least once a year.

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The condenser is not running:

  • Check that the batteries of your thermostat are in working order, and the thermostat wires are intact.
  • Check that your system has power and that the voltages are normal.
  • Make sure the condenser fan is moving smoothly, and not worn, stiff, sticking, or wobbly.
  • Check that no branches etc. have fallen into the condenser and are blocking the fan.
  • Check that the fan contactor switch and any wires connected to it aren’t dirty, burnt out or loose. (Make sure your condenser fan is off when removing the outer casing, or dealing with electrical components.)

Poor cooling down efficiency:

  • Check your thermostat has power and is set to ‘Auto’, and that it displays the desired setting.
    Is your thermostat in the part of your house that is getting the most heat, and needs the most cooling? Make sure it is positioned appropriately.
  • Clean or replace your air filters if they are dirty – these are located at the front of your indoor unit and are accessed from either the side or front of the unit.
  • Check the evaporator coil, which is located behind the air filters, and clean these if there is dust or build up of residue on them.
  • Turn your condenser (outside) off! Remove any debris or branches from the condenser outside the house – do not put your fingers through the slots without fully ensuring the power is cut off from your condenser. Clean the condenser coils with a soft brush and hose – being careful to avoid ruining the fins. Once the unit is clean, replace safety panels etc, and turn the power and thermostat back on.

System cycles on and off:

  • Clean your AC unit frequently (once a month) to avoid build up of dirt or dust in the air filter and evaporator coils.
  • Switch the power off and check for any loose cables.
  • Blocked pipes can be the cause of your AC unit backing up and switching on and off – vacuuming out any build up of debris, insects, algae etc. will ensure a more smoothly functioning unit.

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