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Air conditioning noises: what do they mean?
Your AC unit should be operating behind the scenes without any cause for consternation… so unwarranted noises come as rather a nuisance, but it is important to recognise those that are harmless, and those that will require your attention. Below you’ll find a list of AC system noises, and what they mean in terms of ac repair.

Whistling sounds

The main reason air conditioning units whistle, is low return airflow – in other words, your system’s blower is working hard to suck in air and is struggling.
As this happens you hear a high-pitched whistling sound coming from the air vent.
DIY tasks: clean air vent and air filters; supply vents in your home may be shut, or doors may be shut, causing the AC unit to work harder to pull the air into the system; check for debris in the ductwork – take off the supply side vents and check for blockages; alternately, leaking ductwork could be causing the whistling noise.

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Screeches and squeals

If the outside unit makes a screeching noise like metal scraping against metal this may be because the fan motor bearings are shot and the fan motor will need replacing.
If you hear a squealing noise coming from the inside unit, it could be that the fan belt is worn, or isn’t positioned properly – different temperatures will cause different sounds to emanate, as the fan belt expands and contracts. Eventually the belt will need replacing.

Clicking noises outdoors

A clicking noise in the condenser could be at least a couple of things –
fan obstruction – check there isn’t something lodged in the fan, ie. a stick or rock.
Compressor issues – possibly a loose bolt, or loose refrigerant tubing causing a clicking noise as the vibration of the unit causes it to hit the protective outer cage – turn your unit off, and if you can’t locate the obstruction yourself, call for Citywide HVAC Services to solve your problem.

Pops and booms from the vents

These sounds will usually originate from the ductwork – as the temperature changes inside the ductwork, the sheet metal warms and cools, so as it expands and contracts pops and booms will be heard from within the unit.
This isn’t usually any cause for concern, just an audio inconvenience… especially if one is trying to sleep at night!

If you hear noises that are out of the ‘normal’ range, please don’t hesitate to call Citywide HVAC Services – your wellbeing and comfort are our priority.

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