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Air Conditioners are just like most machines that serve us night and day. They may be running and working as we expect them to but we still need to maintain them. They need maintenance because they are continuously exposed to internal wear as well as degrading by environmental elements. Proper air conditioning maintenance ensures that you never experience sudden breakdowns. Instead, you get to enjoy fresh cool air when it gets hot indoors. That is where we come in; we offer a reliable and trusted air conditioning maintenance service.

Why Hire an Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?

You will find that some AC manufacturers require that you give your air conditioning system a regular maintenance as a condition for them to honor their warranty. The maintenance should be one that includes regular tune-up as well as servicing of the parts to get rid of debris, dust, and clogging. Other reasons why you should schedule maintenance at annual air conditioning maintenance are:

  • It helps to maintain your equipment’s energy efficiency.
  • You will never have to do costly AC repairs.
  • Eliminating or minimizing in-season breakdowns.
  • It extends the lifespan of the air conditioner.
  • Your home of office experiences a quiet operation of a quality AC.
  • Keep high standard of indoor air quality

Overall, schedule a regular air conditioning maintenance means keeping the whole AC system will be in top shape. That adds up to the quality experience of a well maintained home or office. After all in most appliances, there is nothing that shouts: “poor maintenance” such as a weird noise coming from them when they should be running quietly.

As a professional air conditioning maintenance service, we offer you a guarantee of peak performance for any AC under our care. That eliminates the need to deal with unplanned AC outages, high repair costs, and shortened AC lifespan. Our services also help you to mitigate damage on the building brought about by water or coolant leakages from the AC system. From our experience, we know that clients who neglect their Air Conditioners pay back in terms of higher repairs costs and higher energy bills.

What to Expect From Our Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Priority Service

You get a preferential treatment when you call us. When you sign up for our air conditioning maintenance service, you get to our VIP list of clients. That means even when your AC breakdown because of actual wear, you will not have to worry about a long waiting list.

Seasonal Tune-up Service

You will get periodic tune-up of your AC to make sure that you are safe from in-season breakdowns. Our service also protects you from paying high-energy bills brought about by inefficient air conditioners. You will be surprised to learn how much an inefficient air conditioner can cost you in terms of energy bills.

Repair Discounts

If it happens that you have experienced an AC breakdown or sudden drop in performance, we will offer you a discount or the repair costs. When you add that to the priority service, not only do you save money, but you also shorten the time you would have lived in discomfort. That translates to a quality indoor experience for your family or business.

Loyalty Reward

We will not charge you a new rate each year. Instead, you will just pay your regular rate we agreed upon as your keep you renew your membership. That is great for any homeowner as well as business because it helps you to plan your finances better.

Signs That Your AC Needs Maintenance

  • The fan is making a loud noise from the AC that wasn’t there.
  • You have noticed water leaking from AC.
  • There is a strange noise coming from the indoor unit.
  • It has been a year since you ordered a maintenance service.
  • Your energy bill has shot up this month even though nothing has changed.
  • You have adjusted your AC settings but you are not getting the expected results.
  • There is some strange noise coming from the attic.

If you need your AC to run efficiently, minimize sudden breakdowns, cut down on expensive repairs, and get quick and professional air conditioning maintenance, then contact us today. We will also help you to keep your dehumidifiers, air filtration, and thermostats working, as they should at all times. Our goal is to help you to keep your home or office comfortable.

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