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an old and rusting condenser unitA good air conditioner is one that we turn on and forget about – cool air flowing into our home and ensuring our comfort and well-being, reducing allergens and harmful bacteria – when all is running smoothly we are indeed appreciative of modern technology!

It’s when the integrity of our systems performance starts falling below par, that this feeling of appreciativeness quickly takes a nose dive!
This is the time when it is important to ascertain whether our AC unit needs cleaning, repairing or replacing. Below are three points to help work out what the next necessary step to take is, for your system.

Moisture problems:

When your AC unit is no longer operating efficiently it allows the moisture to build up in your home. The feeling of humidity in the air, staleness and odors, could be indications that the air flow is significantly reduced.
Moisture in your home can lead to mold and mildew growth, paint peeling off the ceiling, and condensation on surfaces such as your windows and walls.
An awareness of any of these conditions arising may prompt you to check the efficiency of your unit.

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Age of the appliance:

The longevity of an air conditioning system is approximately 10 – 15 years.
As it ages, components of the AC wear and their performance diminishes; the cooling capacity decreases; and despite having regular maintenance, the work required to keep it operating efficiently, increases. When this becomes the case it is time to discuss what your best options are going forward.
If you’re concerned about how much longer your AC unit will last, call us at Citywide HVAC Services, for an honest appraisal of the state of your system.

High energy expenses:

If your electricity expenses are increasing dramatically in the summertime, an ineffective AC unit could well be the culprit.
If your system is an older model, such as a 10SEER rating, it’s economical performance won’t be as great as more modern versions, such as 13SEER – 24SEER.
To place the ratings in perspective – an older 10SEER model consumes 60% more power in comparison to a 16SEER model.
When replacing your unit, check the Energy Star Rated appliances, which claim they can lower your energy consumption.

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